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Olá, mundo!

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      However, after the great Romney landslide of 2012, the GOP probably won't be much more than a fringe wingnut party itself. Expect the liberalish mask to come off the Dems by 2016, when they'll replace the Repubs as the reigning conservative party.

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      At any rate, I can’t see why the Europeans would want to copy our ridiculous, race-based society with all of its double-standards, quotas, hypocrisies, speech codes, code words, “diversity training” brainwashing, “whiteness studies” hate studies, and the like. Easier for them to just stay what they are, and have been for thousands of years: Homogenous.

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      …"A black woman's word would be completely unassailable in this situation."So why wasn't Anita Hill's word unassailable?—————-It was unassailable to liberals, who to this day maintain the veracity of her pubic hairs on coke cans horror stories.Had she done it to a white candidate, the guy would be gone.The only thing that got Thomas through it was that his blackness cancelled out hers in the racial calculus equation.

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      One of the things I did when I was driving team with hubby…I bought a handheld CB. That way I could talk to hubby all the way in to the truck stop and back out again and everybody that had their ears on would know if I had any trouble. Plus, I never carried a purse. I shoved any cash I needed deep into my front jeans pocket.

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      I find the trick is to NOT go to the gym, and do your workout elsewhere…rollerblading at the beach for example. It SEEMS like fun, but is actually a workout. You’ve got to trick your mind…sad, but true.

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      I either revel in this song or cringe at its cheesiness, depending upon my mood. I suppose its the internal conflict I have between being a mushy bright guy and a curmudgeony pessimist. As with many other movies and songs, however, my initial childhood love of this song and Grease generally faded in college and through my 20′s, but was more recently rekindled when experiencing them through my children Neither Grease nor any of its songs (from the musical anyway) will ever go down as great art, but who cares? They’re still fun, cheese and all.

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    • About the AuthorI’m a music fiend. There is no life worth living without music in it.I have a soft spot in my heart for just about every type of music, but I especially love underground/indie rock, New Wave 80s, folk, electronic, and old school hip hop. In general I cover the newer music for The Giant Panther, with John being the expert on the classics, but there are few bands out there we both don’t love.

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    • and brava to you. This attitude annoys me to no end, and I'm glad you are getting the message out there. I do want to have kids someday, but I fully support my friends who know they don't want to have children (even one that knew when we met at age 7). I just tell them they can play with my kids if they want. Oh, and I think more mothers should treat themselves to dinners and pedicures and shoes. They're good for the soul. 🙂

    • Well, I appreciate ur honesty bro Ya, here in India although the majority of Hindus r peaceful and secular but there r bastards like Thackeray and Modi who want to make India a Hindu Pakistan lol. Urs is an Islamic republic and they want to make India a Hindu Republic. As of now, they have not succeeded and i hope they don’t succeeded in future too.

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    • Renee- you rock! Caring counts and if that’s your downfall, then let it be the downfall of more teachers. I bet most do care, but not all. Keep caring – it’s what makes you you! That boy was lucky to have you because he learned something about writing and the fact that adults do care.

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    • Book review: “The Mark of Athena” by Rick Riordan (might contain spoilers!) by Macy on Oct 8, 2012 • 2:20 pm No Comments Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.The Mark of Athena, the third book in Rick Riordan’s bestselling Heroes of Olympus series, came out a few days ago – a year after The Son of Neptune .

    • amazing that Wonder did not know who the group was. All right Stevie Wonder..a man of substance and integrity. Dr. Martin Luther King and Gandhi would be proud of you.

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    • It's a good thing that you do manage *some* me time, I think it deffo makes us better parents. I love your friend's advice about there always being one who needs you more – that's so true, and not something to feel guilty about. x

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    • hope they dont mess to much with moat brae as many folk have happy memories there sitting on the cannons most of the locals will have a photo of there family sat on them cannons or just having a bag of chips watching the boats come in but think using the old school is a great idea and would help the local economy

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      Isn’t it great, Noreen, that we can get through to parents DIRECTLY through the internet? They may not be inclined to listen to us from the start, but we are gathering more and more people who know what’s going on and won’t shut up. It’s only a matter of time before demand for vaccines drops precipitously and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

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    • Anthropogenic Climate Change is pure nonesense!!!!!This obviously man-made catastrophe in the Gulf is brought to you by the same folks who want to buy licences to pollute in future.

    • Sean, your post resonated with me on so many levels. Its been a few months since I have also realized that a number of people who can contact me via email/chat/phone (and I do the same) depend on Facebook for the majority of communication. There has to be an alternative-perhaps a return to the pre-social network communication-style–because this is getting old.

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    • Just wait you’llbe enjoying vacations closer to what you dreamed/imagined once you’re out of toddlerhood. Our kids are at a great stage 10, 7, 4 and are enjoying the less kid-centric things we plan. Love your photos of BC. Looks magical.

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    • . Utopias are impossible, and the attempt to get people to fit will only give us a mountain of bodies. The people who try to build them are great Sinners. But Church history has shown us that’s where many of our Saints come from, as opposed to the “Men without Chests” who do no believe in Utopia, but went along with the endless murders because they though (as your example did) there might be some money in it for them……

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      It’s not a religious belief. Life begins at conception. See my other post about that. I believe that intentionally ending a life is murder whether it happens 5 years after a child is born or 5 minutes after it was conceived. It is, as you would put it, enethical.

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    • 264B/c then they would EXPECT you to ALWAYS use that. Some mothers can easily nurse & shop. Using a sling, or holding their baby…they can walk around, one hand on baby, one hand pushing the cart…And be just fine. And THEN it would really become an issue. “BUT…BUT we made this comfortable nursing room for you! GO SIT IN IT!” …No, I’m okay walking around. “BUT WE MADE A ROOM FOR IT!!!” Retail spaces are made for shopping. Turning it in to a rest stop instead changes the flow of their business.

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    • I worked on a project with the Baltimore PD. They spent most of the time fighting with the Baltimore Fire Dept over who got the money versus who did the job.Best of Luck.Gerry

    • I think we can not copy right, if it has it comes under the art or paintings or drawings of esthetic sense; only the draw back is that those should not be available in the existing system of copyrights protected arts.

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    • Only thing worse than watching it? Has to be the editors who sift through hundreds of hours of guys mucking 4-5 to find the really tense footage. I’d rather take a cheese grater to my balls.

    • – Now you have an edge on the others bloggers since you met him… this is going to be funny… now I dont know if I can talk about him anymore…lol@realhustla – lol..you are too funny… but yes he is a cutie… big sexy chocolate!

    • Dave Please don’t politicize your articles or make overly broad generalizations. I grew up in Arizona and in no way support their new laws. There are also plenty of people in the state, like my parents, who do not support it as well. However, you are correct, we do know our Mexican food. I have been to Rojo twice and love it. I would not say it is incredibly authentic, but it is some of the best Mexican food I have had in MN.

    • At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for posting!

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